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UML fevers

The Fever is Real vs Death by UML Fever

I recently started reading UML Distilled by Fowler. The book has been updated to include info on UML 2.0

I download IBM Rational XDE Modeler 6.0

created a simple modeling project, analysis model template, design model template.

The RTP area has a Rational Users Group.

Other Modeling tools on market:
Gentleware- Poseidon
Magic Draw
Sparx – Ent Architect

Objects by design has some good UML and SW info

All the classes have stereotypes.

Use Case Diagram – requirements gathering. Use case represents the different capabilities the system provides to the client.

Sequence Diagram – can show Object Interactions, Object lifetimes during a use case, Object messaging and when used for analysis it can show overall system behavior thru class/concept interactions.

Actor – any entity that uses the system. Classes relate to other classes via associations.

What UML Is and Isn’t

Model driven Architecture (MDA)

July 12, 2004 - Posted by | Patterns & UML

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