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Portal choices and more

The Gridsphere project: 100% JSR 168 Portlet API compliant , Portlet API implementation nearly fully compatible with IBM’s WebSphere® 4.2, Support for the easy development and integration of “third-party portlets”

Apache has several open source portal servers. Jetspeed 2 is JSR 168 compliant.

IBM Portal.

Jonas on ObjectWeb



Portlet article for newbies

Punit Pandely A Day in the Life of a Software Developer: Portlet Development & Portals.

IBM dw : Comparing the JSR 168 Java Portlet Specification with the IBM Portlet API

Websphere Application Server now has a new name starting with version 5.1 as far as I can tell. This article mentions the new IBM product – WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) Server Foundation 5.1

Also, the site defines SOA or that is SOA Enterprise.

Java Passion intro slides on portlets:

– Managed by Portlet container
– Generates piece of markup called Fragments
– Fragments vary based on user configuration

Portlet API:

For Portlets development, I will need to download the latest websphere studio application developer (called the integration edition) and also the toolkit for portlets. The portal page has the links to these two products.
I just found out yesterday that the websphere appplication server starting in 5.1 is now called WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) Server Foundation

WSRP(Web Services Remote Portlet):
-Presentation Orineted Web Service (enable interactive presentation orinted web services to be
easily plugged into standard compliant portals)

JSR 162
JSR 167
JSR 168

WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation V5.1

Developing JavaServer Faces portlets using WebSphere Studio and the IBM Portal Toolkit — Part 1

Portlets plugin for eclipse – works w/o WSAD Integ Edtn




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