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Eclipse on Linux

So eclipse can now be had on linux. I thought this was already the case. News of this here and here.
I guess this quote explains the change: “Previously, developers had to download the SDK and runtime separately. “Now, we’ve made it much simpler. You can get both of them at the same time”

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MVC roles

Model (Databases, JavaBeans)
– Stores the application’s state
– Provides access to the application’s data as well as the business rules for modifying the data (accessors and business methods).
– Notifies view when state is changed

View (jsp, html)
– renders the content of the model
– access data from model and decide how to present it
– forward user input to controller

Controller (Servlets)
– defines application behavior
– it processes user input and maps them into actions to be performed by the model
– selects views to be rendered

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