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Struts multi select

After reading up on struts including reading parts of the Struts in Action book, I was looking for an example which had all types of inputs for a typical form (radio, select, multiselect, etc). Most examples with Struts show the typical user name and password logon example.

Best I found is here. However, it does not cover multiselect.

In the Sandbox struts forum, there was this.
Then there was Advanced Forms Handling in Struts 1.1.

In the end, I was looking for the type for storing my multiselect input:

Here is how I did it:
import org.apache.struts.action.*;
public class aForm extends ActionForm {
protected String [] username;
public String [] getUsername () {return this.username;};
public void setUsername (String [] username) {this.username = username;};


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