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Subversion (SVN)

Subversion : Next-Generation Open Source Version Control [book]
tigris: A Subversion Eclipse Plugin

There is a windows explorer plugin called tortoise for SVN.

Steps to install:
1. Go to : and download the version you need.
2. Install the application and reboot

Steps to use:

1. Pick any working directory. For example: C:\Workbench
2. Go to C:\Workbench in the Windows File Explorer
3. Right click in the whitespace in C:\Workbench
4. Select the “Checkout Option”
5. In the prompt enter: svn://url1/project1 (for only project1) or svn://url1/project2 (for only project2) or svn://url1 (for both projects)
6. Password and usernames follow. This allows us to track who added or changed files in the repository.
7. Be sure to check the box that says to save your credentials so you don’t have to re-enter them.
8. To begin working with the repository you can add files and directories using the right-click mouse menu.
9. Check out creates the “Working Directory”.

To Add files:

1. Checkout your desired repository to a working directory.
2. Go to the working directory and create the file or folder.
3.IMPORTANT: You should in the Working directory area to create files/folders.
4.When you have created your files and are ready to add them to the repository
a. Right-click on the file/folder and select “Add”.
b. The select commit.
c. TortiseSVN automatically submits any subfolders and files for you.
5. when everything has a green check mark, you know everything has been committed successfully.
6. when you add files in Windows you may want to hit F5 to refresh you folder view if it doesn’t update fast enough for you.

To Edit/Change Files:

1. Checkout your desired repository to a working directory
2. Modify the files.
3. Select the files are the containing directories and select “Commit”.
4. when all files/folder show the “Green Check Mark” you are done.

To get the latest changes:

1. Right click on the working directory you created and select Update.

[other version control options]

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