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Hello World Portlet

From IBM:

WSAD Integration edition

First, this page has a link to the portal toolkit

Requirements: portlet-api.jar, wpsportlets.jar, wps.jar
Servlet functionality: j2ee.jar, dynacache.jar

javac -classpath %CLASSPATH%

import org.apache.jetspeed.portlet.*;
public class HelloWorld extends PortletAdapter {
public void init(PortletConfig portletConfig) throws UnavailableException
super.init( portletConfig );
public void doView( PortletRequest portletRequest, PortletResponse portletResponse )
throws PortletException, IOException
PrintWriter writer = portletResponse.getWriter();

Hello Portal World!


Developer Works On Portals

Portlet Redbook

October 11, 2004 - Posted by | Portals

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