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Inside Scoop on J2EE

Link to article by Monson-Haefel on future of J2EE.

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Struts wiki articles

Wiki on struts

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Request object in Struts when validation fails

I ran into a problem within struts where my validation fails on the form data that is submitted
from my jsp, and when control is returned back to the jsp as specified in the struts config file,
i lose my request data. In my case it was a string value that is populated in a
servlet using the request object prior to forwarding to the jsp the first time.  Seems this is a common
thing with struts as the issue is also described here

The way i got around it was to set the string value in a session object prior to submitting the data. Then, if the jsp form validation fails, and
the jsp is reinvoked where the request object is null, I can get the string value from the session object.

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Spring Framework

Spring Framework  [forums]

Jetspeed to use Spring.  JPOX uses Spring as well.  [article

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