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WAS 5 connection manager

In Websphere version 5, its supports a new connection manager connector. It is implemented as JCA style connector.


Resources -> JDBC Providers : On this screen you can create a new JDBC provider or click on an existing provider (i.e DB2Universal JDBC Driver).

By clicking on the Provider name brings up a new screen (General Properties):

classpath: location of db2cc.jar

implementation classname:

On this same screen, there is a title of additional properties which should have data sources, click on that link which brings up a new screen.

This page has a title of Configuration. Here is where you configure the data source name and JNDI name.

name: test

jndi name:jdbc/test

Also, on this page is a button to test the connection.

Now, you are all set to go in java with your pooled connection.

ctx = new InitialContext();
ds = (DataSource)ctx.lookup("jdbc/test");

try {
Connection con = ds.getConnection("","");
catch (Exception ex){}
{if (con!=null) con.close();}

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