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TriJug Meeting with Gavin King

I attended the TriJug meeting with Gavin King of JBoss.  Gavin is one of the founders of the Hibernate (Object/Relational Technology). He is also co-author of the book Hibernate in Action which covers version 2.0. 

Just a few notes from the meeting:

Hibernate 3 is the recent version. Supports annotation to document O/R mapping, allthough you can still use XML to indicate this.

There was a question from audience asking about a situation where they had their database in production in one schema, and the same database for design in another schema. Gavin was like I don’t see why you would want to do that.

He indicated that hibernate would still be a good fit for applications that did alot of joins, but as always you are limited by the speed of the database.

I asked him if Hibernate would be enhanced to support JDO. He indicated NO. He basically said that they are against the JDO spec. That was the main thing I wanted to get answered at this meeting as JDO and Hibernate seem similar. But, Hibernate is strictly a O/R implementation where as the JDO implemntations follow Sun’s specification.

As far as JBoss, Mark Fleury has had a busy week, and he talks about Gluecode here.  His point in the blog entry about Open Source model being validated now that IBM has bought this technology is true. But, this was already the case as IBM’s Portal product is built ontop of the Jetspeed  open source product. 

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Blogging, Firefox

Blogging at IBM. There is a policy even. Last week at Big Blue it was Firefox news.

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