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Ref Doc on Spring

The project I am working on now makes use of an assembler (i.e. autowiring) and gathers the required classes indicated  through an XML files. It works as follows:

In the struts config file, for each action their additional information (properties) that indicates the action helper and the index into the business process  configuration  file. The bp configuration file entry indicates the transaction isolation , the business  process method that gets invoked for this action, the input bean object for the biz process, and the resulting  output bean object that the biz process returns. Thus, for the action you are telling it what the business process is, rather than having it to ask what the business process is. Thus, basically it is performing the role of autowiring the biz objects  or known as Inversion of control.  This architecture was based on Rod Johnson’s interface21 I am told. It was done before there was a thing called Spring.

The Spring documentation  .

The Mailing list  for Spring can be found at   springframework-developer

In this presentation, shows how to use spring:

– go to spring download page
– click on the  Sourceforge link
– get the dependicies zip file ( i.e and unzip it

Spring Hello world

Google  helped me find this nice [presentation] and this [course]

Bean factories: creates, configures and manages Java objects. The configuration details are typically kept in xml or property files .
Application contexts: extends BeanFactor, and therefore provides all the same functionality, but also provides extra enterprise level fxns.

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