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Being there without being there (II)

Scott sings: "Kim Polese Q&A "

Tim Bray summary from Sun Planet

ULC: The second day started with a key note by Sun’s CEO Scott McNealy. While he was quite funny, the content of his talk did not reveal where Sun positions Java within its business plan next to the hardware sector and others.

Sun Microsystems is stepping away from an effort to sell the Linux operating system for desktop computers, the server and software company’s top software executive said Tuesday.

Nice blogging here : " Achieving great file I/O performance in Java (BEA Engineer Gregory Brail )…  The Spring Framework: An introduction to lightweight J2EE Architecture (Rod Johnoson, Juergen Heller)… SOA is a journey!” …BEA WebLogic Server 9.0, brought by BEAs Sr. Product Marketing Manager Gary McBride"

Struts to JSF : "I can’t say I agree with this approach, I’m of the school, based on testing this stuff that you either go for complete migration or you leave well alone and leave Struts Apps in Struts."

Amazon JavaOne : " site to learn the APIs … good use of Alexa data… way to tell the amazon value of a book…  Amazon Products Feed. "

Joe on puzzle "Josh Block and Neil Gafter gave what was in my opinion the most interesting talk of JavaOne, day 1 on coding puzzles"

Kasia coverage


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Being there without being there (I)

Java One Online

Feeds on Java One


Blogger guy opening session  notes : "The entire IBM middleware suite will be available for Solaris 10…Sun Java App Server now open source project, known as GlassfishJava Creator 2.0 and a cool new AJAX component they’ve cooked up…"

Vin Man Day 1 : "Next up was Yasushi Nishimura, the director of Panasonic USA and he talked about the Blu-ray disk which is the next big-thing in storage. Blu-ray DVD holds about 50 GB on a single disc with a potential of up to 200 GB. The Blu-ray disc standards bodies will use Java, as the standard for the interactivity menus and so all players will ship with a Java VM built into it. All menus and playback is controlled by Java and additional functions like in-movie menus, extras, etc are also all controlled by Java."

FOSS – free open source software

Sun and IBM extend their longstanding Java licensing agreement for 11 more years, and IBM pledges to offer WebSphere and its entire IBM middleware stack on Solaris.

Java One Ebay : "15 billion web services calls a year…Ebay web services: started XML, SOAP, REST…Resources: Forums: Roadmap: community codebase:"

Sun opening more from the vault : "Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0 and the Java System Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) "

CDDL – Common Development and Distribution License

Gupta notes

Experiences with the 1.5 Language Features Category

BEA and Open Source : "We are excited that BEA is embracing the grass-roots innovation that is happening in the Spring community as a response to the pain that developers face today. BEA’s support for Spring is important to our goal of helping developers spend less and less time dealing with the unnecessary complexity that is often associated with J2EE."

JSF interest

Net Beans Day – Sun’s IDE Creator 2

Sun buys

Photos &  People making contact  & Bloggers meet

Good Morning… From Bruce Snyder : "Java Birthday"

Debu Panda scoop

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