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Being there without being there (II)

Scott sings: "Kim Polese Q&A "

Tim Bray summary from Sun Planet

ULC: The second day started with a key note by Sun’s CEO Scott McNealy. While he was quite funny, the content of his talk did not reveal where Sun positions Java within its business plan next to the hardware sector and others.

Sun Microsystems is stepping away from an effort to sell the Linux operating system for desktop computers, the server and software company’s top software executive said Tuesday.

Nice blogging here : " Achieving great file I/O performance in Java (BEA Engineer Gregory Brail )…  The Spring Framework: An introduction to lightweight J2EE Architecture (Rod Johnoson, Juergen Heller)… SOA is a journey!” …BEA WebLogic Server 9.0, brought by BEAs Sr. Product Marketing Manager Gary McBride"

Struts to JSF : "I can’t say I agree with this approach, I’m of the school, based on testing this stuff that you either go for complete migration or you leave well alone and leave Struts Apps in Struts."

Amazon JavaOne : " site to learn the APIs … good use of Alexa data… way to tell the amazon value of a book…  Amazon Products Feed. "

Joe on puzzle "Josh Block and Neil Gafter gave what was in my opinion the most interesting talk of JavaOne, day 1 on coding puzzles"

Kasia coverage


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