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Steve Benfield from ClearNova spoke about AJAX at the TriJug last night.

Jesse James Garrett  from  web site is the person who is behind the technology.

Follows are my notes from meeting:

Google using AJAX
asynchronous communication to the server without fullpage refresh
Rich internet user application experience
component oriented model (3 tier client/ server)
form submit under hood (small pieces bundled up and sent to server without a submit)
increased number of times data going to server but smaller payloads
event driven programming

XMLHttpRequest (MSFT and Mozilla behind it)
Multiple connections on the page
There is a call back object.
Some things that were used in past was a IFRAME – minibrowser in html document, but can only go back to URL that is part of the original message.

open (assign destination, url, method)
send (send data)

onreadystatechange – event handler
readystate : 0,1,2,3,4
200 OK

Back buttonand refresh are still issues with AJAX
The heart of AJAX is controlled via javascript.

He mentioned a nice firefox extension called aardvark

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