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web tools on eclipse 3.1

I had checked out eclipse 3.0 with the web tools  last year.  Now, Its 3.1 time.

On Eclipse download page,  Get eclipse-SDK-3.1-win32 (The Eclipse SDK
includes the Eclipse Platform, Java development tools, and Plug-in Development
Environment, including source and both user and programmer documentation. If you
aren’t sure which download you want… then you probably want this one.)

Get the other Web Tools Platform prerequisites.

  • – The EMF driver used in this build is
  • – The GEF driver used in this build is
  • – Java EMF Model Runtime driver used in this build is
  • In the Web Tools Platform; Runtime section there are two downloads. Select the first one. (The second one also includes the WTP source and is useful if you are developing the WTP or developing on top of the WTP)

    Stable Build: 0.7RC2    WTP Runtime module includes the WST and JST builds in one package

    Tomcat tutorial (old)

    Tomcat 3.1 tutorial



    July 22, 2005 - Posted by | SW Tools

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