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apache derby

Derby Web Site : I downloaded this version.

Extract it and go into the \demo\simple\ directory, find example.html

Download the db2jcc driver for derby from ibm

Add to classpath:


run sample in the embedded envir: java -cp embedded SimpleApp.class

start server in server envir: java org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl start

run sample in server envir: java SimpleApp jccjdbcclient

Derby manual  page, on left hand side click your version (i.e. 10.1) .

Tutorial paper

DeveloperWorks Derby page, IBM infocenter

There are two separate Eclipse plugins for Derby: derby_core_plugin , derby_ui_plugin
After extracting the plugins to the eclipse plugins folder:
– From the main Eclipse menu at the top select Help >> Help Contents >> Derby Plug-ins User Guide
– you add a derby nature to your project, and following the getting started with the plugin   

Derby with Tomcat article, with J2EE, DeveloperWorks Derby Tutorial


run sysinfo.bat


ij> connect ‘jdbc:derby:derbyDB’ user ‘user1’ password ‘user1’;

ij> show connections;

ij> select * from sys.systables;

Derby future possibilities

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Best Practices for Software Development

Link: Best Practices for Software Development.

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spring & hibernate

spring 2.x: Alex – Main – discussing with Rod and Rob

Tutorial with Hibernate: Hibernate

Hibernate + Spring : this looked like a decent example,  follow on as I do not know German and translated to English below.

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