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Deadspin: Leaving the Press Box for a Room With a View – New York Times.

But if I get a really good scoop from one of my sources or something really interesting from a fan, I have the freedom to post it without having to deal with any political pressure."

Try the new google toolbar

link: "I put these to Google. To its credit, it rapidly replied that the answer in both cases is "yes." Just FYI."

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IPod fun


hypermodel – xml and uml

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IBM is shown the money using an open source model.

More stories

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online publishing

toolshed: "But times have changed, and now anyone with a browser and a free
blogging account is in the “publishing business”. With Print On Demand
technology, there’s little to stop anyone from publishing Grandma’s
cookie recipes, or your own ideas of how architecture and design should
really work.  It may not be hugely profitable, but you can do it."

Andrew Sullivan


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Tomcat 5 contexts definition

In Tomcat 5 , you can define your JNDI  connections in context.xml  and place the file in the /META-INF directory. Alternatively, you can name your context whatever you want by placing your project folder in the webapps directory, and placing a corresponding xml file in \conf\Catalina directory.

For example, I place myfirstapp folder in webapps directory and create myfirstapp.xml inside C:\java\javatools\jakarta-tomcat-5.5.7\conf\Catalina\

The xml file looks as follows:


    Context configuration file

    $Id: cm.xml,v 1.0 2004/12/21 17:03:34 remm Exp $


<Context docBase="C:\java\javatools\jakarta-tomcat-5.5.7\webapps\myfirstapp\"
         privileged="true" antiResourceLocking="false" antiJARLocking="false">

  <!– Link to the user database we will get roles from –>
  <ResourceLink name="users" global="UserDatabase"

  <Resource name="jdbc/database" auth="Container"
              type="javax.sql.DataSource" driverClassName=""
              username="app" password="app1" maxActive="20" maxIdle="10"


<Resource name="otherds" auth="Container"
                type="javax.sql.DataSource" driverClassName=""
                username="app" password="app1" maxActive="20" maxIdle="10"
              defaultTransactionIsolation="1" />


<Manager className="org.apache.catalina.session.PersistentManager" saveOnRestart="false">
      <Store className="org.apache.catalina.session.FileStore"/>


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Eclipse Proposal

Link: AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) .

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J2EE Hosting

Link dump follows:

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Fault Tolerant J2EE

Clustering – multiple application server instances acting as one instance to its clients.

Overview from BEA , and How it works

migrate – move them from one server to another within a cluster.

transient object data – Any object created using a developer-written constructor that
does not involve the persistence environment

approaches to clustering Java applications

link: In clustering environment, be aware that updating your local cache is only seen by your JVM unless  the data is synch’d across all the JVMs.

Serialize session data.

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JavaHotSpot Technology

Link: Java Virtual Machine Technology.

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Spring Scalibility

Link: POJO Mojo.

But, in the cases where state and/or behavior needs to be shared or coordinated between nodes, a Spring application can scale very nicely

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eBay Google Maps

Link: eBay Google Maps Mashup

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MySQL database

Link: Xooglers: Let’s get a real database:”It is by now also nearly as full-featured as the best commercial databases, but back in 2000 this was not the case. MySQL was quite a capable system, but missing a few (what some would consider basic) features.”.

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Scapegoats of baseball

Link: Bill Buckner.

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MAC Coverage

Apple Users Blog – coverage about MacWorld


MacBook Pro -Intel Based Laptop

Make .Mac Free :"The individual .Mac membership includes 1GB of storage and 10GB per
month of data transfer. The Family Pack membership includes includes
1GB of storage and 10GB per month of data transfer for a master account
and 250MB of storage with 3GB per month of data transfer for four
sub-accounts. Apple also offers a free for 60 day test drive"

Google Earth for Macs

Delicious Monster "Delicious Library, which lets Mac users create visual on-screen
representations of their personal collections of books, CDs, movies and
video games."

Brandon : "Apple is slated to lose control of their PowerPC built,
invitation-only JDK distribution with the release of Intel based Macs.
Since OS X will run on the x86 instruction set, the JDK work that is
often hardest to port (threading, “Little Endian” vs. “Big Endian”,
ect.) will become mostly transparent between linux and os x
compilations going forward. Either Sun will make an x86 Mac JDK with
Apple’s consent, or Apache will make one without their consent. The
differences at the architecture level should be minimal, although file
system integration and other important things will still require at
least some work.
Apple seems to know this, as they have done to Java what they do to
most third party environments when they know they can’t control them
anymore, they drop their own internal work on it and leave it for the
vendors to do."

Podcast Tools by Apple. Lessons on how to podcast

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Web Finds

Yahoo has added more to its stable lately: Yahoo Go, MyWeb, Podcasts

My favorite iGoogle module.

Firefox extension for feeds, extension for more bookmarks

NetCraft , DNSStuff , Speed Test

Anon Google

100 Places

Itunes experience , more Apple

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AJAX spoof

Useability Views: see text at end spoof details

Well, if you are still interested in AJAX after all that, here is a tech tip . [more]

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Combo Meal: Hibernate 3 with Derby

I have been getting familiar with the Derby  open source database  which was contributed by IBM (Cloudscape).

As a learning exercise, I decided to integrate the use of Derby in sampling Hibernate 3.

I have read parts of Pro Hibernate 3 and Hibernate Quickly. I liked both books, but I think the Manning book was more what I was looking for. I needed a book that covered the X-Doclet with Hibernate 3.

Hibernate3 needed from what i can tell these Jars: cglib-2.1.3, dom4j-1.6.1, ehcache-1.1, hibernate3, jta, asm

I start off using an ANT build file schema-export target to invoke the schema generator:

<target name="schema-export">
    <taskdef name="schemaexport"
         <classpath refid="runtime.classpath"/>

My hibernate property values to use Derby as the database looked like this (note: you can also specify these values in the hibernate config xml file):


Connecting to the derby database:

ij> connect ‘jdbc:derby:net://localhost:1527/test’ user ‘user1’ password ‘user1’;

ij> select tablename from sys.systables where tabletype = ‘T’;

I did not do the upgrade, but this was helpfull.

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I Like it like this

I come from a background of you design first and coding should be the easier effort. But, its hard to design unless you understand your requirements. Use Cases

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Graham on web V2

Paul Graham : "Basically, what "Ajax" means is "Javascript now works." And that in turn means
that web-based applications can now be made to work much more like desktop ones.

Similarly, RMH tunes in about AJAX

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A Hibernate 3 experience

This blog entry has the Hibernate founders tuning in about one guys experience. They seem a little sensitive on what is just some constructive feedback.

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cglib [], a library that lets you do metaclass programming efficiently in Java; it’s similar to java.lang.reflect.Proxy, but more flexible and compiled to bytecode. Cglib is commonly used to create decorators — for example, Hibernate uses it to generate proxies, to transparently track whether persistent objects have changed in memory and must be re-saved to the database — but there are other uses, such as mimicking the mixin pattern. [via ask slashdot] java bytecode manipulation framework. It can be used to dynamically generate stub classes or other proxy classes, directly in binary form, or to dynamically modify classes at load time,

ASM Toolkit for Bytecode Manipulation

ASM & CGLIB working Togther: Article

An Experience: "Hibernate 3.0 relies on CGLIB 2.x, which relies on ASM 1.x, which is API-incompatible with ASM 2.x, so my app experiences an unrecoverable error during context initialization."

How IBatis uses CGLIB: "If you want to enable CGLIB 2.0 bytecode enhancement to improve lazy loading and reflection performance."

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J2EE Matrix


I was reading
through the application assembly & deployment chapter in the j2ee
spec for 1.3 . It goes over the packaging makeup of a J2EE applications
which are composed of one or more J2EE components and one J2EE
deplyment descriptor.

I believe J2EE1.3 corresponds to servlets 2.3

If you are interested in 1.4 spec, it can be found here:



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I have been using ant for years without paying attention to the syntax.

Eclipse has it built in , pdf, Intro wiki.

Sun newsletter, onjava, practices

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