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MacBook Pro -Intel Based Laptop

Make .Mac Free :"The individual .Mac membership includes 1GB of storage and 10GB per
month of data transfer. The Family Pack membership includes includes
1GB of storage and 10GB per month of data transfer for a master account
and 250MB of storage with 3GB per month of data transfer for four
sub-accounts. Apple also offers a free for 60 day test drive"

Google Earth for Macs

Delicious Monster "Delicious Library, which lets Mac users create visual on-screen
representations of their personal collections of books, CDs, movies and
video games."

Brandon : "Apple is slated to lose control of their PowerPC built,
invitation-only JDK distribution with the release of Intel based Macs.
Since OS X will run on the x86 instruction set, the JDK work that is
often hardest to port (threading, “Little Endian” vs. “Big Endian”,
ect.) will become mostly transparent between linux and os x
compilations going forward. Either Sun will make an x86 Mac JDK with
Apple’s consent, or Apache will make one without their consent. The
differences at the architecture level should be minimal, although file
system integration and other important things will still require at
least some work.
Apple seems to know this, as they have done to Java what they do to
most third party environments when they know they can’t control them
anymore, they drop their own internal work on it and leave it for the
vendors to do."

Podcast Tools by Apple. Lessons on how to podcast



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