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Maven 2


Getting started

M2_REPO variable: /usr/local/.m2/repository/"

Setup Plugin :

Set up a variable where your executable for maven is
– select Window > Preferences. Select the Run/Debug > String Substitution. Add a new variable
     maven_exec set to /usr/local/maven-2.0.4/bin/mvn
– create a new external tool : Run-> Extrenal Tools -> New
    Location: ${maven_exec}
    Working Directory: directory you are working out of
    Arguments (i.e package)

Eclipse Plugin




mvn -help

mvn eclipse:eclipse

mvn package

mvn -P dev clean install

<project xmlns=""
    <description>MyJar Description</description>

groupId - organization that created the project
artifactId - the unique basename for the artifact being generated for this project
packaging - package type used by this artifact

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