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7.0 API Java DOC

Create Catalogs

Catologs and Products

Catologs, Categories, Skus


er diags

Repository Guide

Repository API

Repository – data store.
Represents a collection of RepositoryItems. the interface

MutableRepository – The interface defines functions for four operations: creating, adding, updating, and removing repository items.

RepositoryItem : like a JavaBean that is similar to a row in a table that is made up of properties. Each repository item must have an identifier, which is called a repository ID.

RepositoryItem that can be updated as specified by the interface

RepositoryItemDescriptor –  Each item type is described by a Repository item descriptor (also called a RepositoryView) interface . Gives a name to the type, and also describes the properties for that type.

ItemDescriptorImpl – implements RepositoryItemDescriptor

atgrepositorypropertieschanged : When a repository item is modified, its item descriptor broadcasts locally a PropertiesChangedEvent. In addition to its type, a PropertiesChangedEvent contains the following:- A Map in which the keys are RepositoryPropertyDescriptors and the values are the new property values.- The item that is changed.- The repository ID of the item that is changed.- The item that is changed.-The item descriptor of the item that is changed. If you have a component that you want to be notified when repository item properties change, it can implement the atg.repository.PropertiesChangedListener interface. You can add your PropertiesChangedListener implementation to the atg.repository.ItemDescriptorImpl returned by the repository.getItemDescriptor() method, using the method ItemDescriptorImpl.addPropertiesChangedListener.


Property files in ATG

Generic Service

ATG Mocks

– storage, personalization, biz logic, jsps references component props
– data and data access
– attributes about individual visiting a web site

– based on profiles. applying tagged content
– sequence events over liftetime (multiuser) , and applicable actions taken (email or personalized content)

DAF- Dynamo App Framework
DAS – Dyname App Server
DPS – Dynamo Personalization Server
DSS- Dynamo Scenario Server


<%@ taglib uri="; prefix="dsp" %>
<%@ taglib uri="; prefix="dspel" %>

SQL Repository
– Java view of elements in database

Repository Item
– repositoryId
– zero or more properties specified by item descriptor

Item Descriptor
– Logical (Repository Item) to Physical (Tables)

Item Type ~ Item Descriptor

– Generic SQL Adapter

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