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java tips

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NFL week 1

In Reggie Bush’s first game:
58 yards of revieving, 61 yards rushing
Kellen Winslow playing in first game since injury
1TD, 63 yards receiving
Saints and Falcons lead NFC South as Bucs and Panthers begin season in loss column.
It seemed that Bucs OL being banged up resulted in Simms bad play with 3 picks.
Caddilac Williams had only 22 yards eof rushing mainly due to Ravens strong D.
McNair had a decent first game and seemed like he will has found a favorite target in Mason.
The Panthers just could not solve Vick and Dunn combination. Panthers lacked big play
they usually can count on in Steve Smith. Laverneus Coles hooked up with passes from Pennington quite well today

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