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Security Server

RACF is now
called "Security Server"
Putting Latest Security Features to work [redbook]
RACF schema
What is RACF:

            RACF stands for Resource Access Control Facility.  RACF is a software security product that protects information
            by controlling access to it.  RACF also controls what the user can do and protects all of the operating system’s
            resources.  RACF provides this security by identifying and verifying users, authorizing users to access protected
            resources and recording and reporting access attempts.

            RACF helps meet the needs for security by providing the ability to:

  • Identify and verify users
  • Authorize users to access the protected resources
  • Control the means of access to resources
  • Log and report various attempts of unauthorized access to protected resources
  • Administer security to meet the goals of security

RACF mag

LDAP integrate

example operation


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