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google code search

in google i put: /cvs dwr

which gave me this url from dwr ยป

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AJAX Roundup

AJAX: It enhances user interaction by targeting updates from the server
to specific areas of the web page, known as "In-page replacement" . DWR is easy AJAX for Java

Introduction where I learned of Jesse James Garrett  from  web site is the person who is behind the technology.

AJAX w Java

Google Maps mania


Relevance has Demo from Ajax presentation at Java in Action .

Sun Tip on AJAX

AJAX Talk notes

Eclipse AJAX Toolkit Framework project

Paul Graham : "Basically, what "Ajax" means is "Javascript now works." And that in turn means
that web-based applications can now be made to work much more like desktop ones.

Similarly, RMH tunes in about AJAX


Google Maps

Stu Halloway : "predicts Ajax will be part of nearly all web applications within the next year."

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) this API  &samples Designer  Tool

Software Development in the Real World: The Complete List of Ajax Tools
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