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Its here: Sun’s Java Platform on Open Source

OPEN JDK:"Santa Clara-based Sun said it is making nearly all of Java’s source
code — excluding small pockets of code that aren’t owned by Sun —
available under the GNU General Public License. The same type of
license also covers the distribution of the core, or kernel, of the
popular open-source operating system Linux" [q&a]

Why its good : "Java under the GPL means that they can now much more readily cross-leverage each other"

Sutor: "The most widely used license is the GNU General Public License (GPL).
While it is hard to quantify, it appears likely that approximately 70%
of all open source projects use the GPL. Code that uses the GPL is
referred to as “free software.”By its nature, the GPL makes new code that incorporates older GPLed
code also use the GPL. That is, the GPL is somewhat self-propagating as
code that uses it is picked up and re-used elsewhere. This is exactly
as the authors intended.The GNU/Linux operating systems use the GPL. You cannot charge
others for a license to use GPLed software and you must make your
source code available.

Another commonly used license is from the Apache Software
. This is an open source license that does allow direct use
of the source code within commercial products. Unlike the GPL, the Apache License
allows “defensive termination”: if you sue someone because you claim
that the software infringes on one of your patents, then you lose the
right to freely use the patents of others that are implemented in the

In other words, you stop having the right to use the software if you
are trying to stop others from using it. Much of the open source
software that implements the standards of the World Wide Web is covered
under the Apache license."


Details of what is available:

The first pieces of source code are available today:


* Java HotSpot technology (JVM)
* Java programming language compiler (javac)
* JavaHelp software
* Sun’s feature phone Java ME implementation
* Java ME testing and compatibility kit framework

Later in 2006, Sun will release these pieces:


* An advanced operating system phone implementation
* The framework for the Java Device Test Suite

Finally, in the first quarter of 2007 the move to free software will be completed as Sun provides these pieces under the GPL:


* A buildable Java SE Development Kit (JDK)
* Project GlassFish (in addition to CDDL)

Duke  Open Sourced.

IBM’s take is one of dissapointment  but one    opinion: "What IBM holds back for its clients only gives it an advantage over
everyone else, especially among the large accounts that can afford its
overhead.The Apache license accepts this reality. The GPL does not. Behind
IBM’s mild complaint is a scream of pain, an acknowledgement that Sun
has cleverly kicked it in the shins."


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web 2.0 one year later

about this time last year I started exploring the buzz word web 2.0

the Web 2.0 Summit was just held this past week [pod].

Now there is talk of the Web 3.0  : "Back to Web 3.0. There will be one, and it has been associated at this point with concepts of the semantic Web". 

Nova Spivack defined the semantic Web

The Semantic Web is a set of technologies which are
designed to enable a particular vision for the future of the Web – a
future in which all knowledge exists on the Web in a format that
software applications can understand and reason about. By making
knowledge more accessible to software, software will essentially become
able to understand knowledge, think about knowledge, and create new
knowledge. In other words, software will be able to be more intelligent
– not as intelligent as humans perhaps, but more intelligent than say,
your word processor is today.

The blog had a nice  web2.0 roundup :

web 2.0 vs 1.0

Here is a link to many of the web 2.0 tools .

I personally like a whole lot.

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