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web 2.0 one year later

about this time last year I started exploring the buzz word web 2.0

the Web 2.0 Summit was just held this past week [pod].

Now there is talk of the Web 3.0  : "Back to Web 3.0. There will be one, and it has been associated at this point with concepts of the semantic Web". 

Nova Spivack defined the semantic Web

The Semantic Web is a set of technologies which are
designed to enable a particular vision for the future of the Web – a
future in which all knowledge exists on the Web in a format that
software applications can understand and reason about. By making
knowledge more accessible to software, software will essentially become
able to understand knowledge, think about knowledge, and create new
knowledge. In other words, software will be able to be more intelligent
– not as intelligent as humans perhaps, but more intelligent than say,
your word processor is today.

The blog had a nice  web2.0 roundup :

web 2.0 vs 1.0

Here is a link to many of the web 2.0 tools .

I personally like a whole lot.

November 13, 2006 - Posted by | Web/Tech

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