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web 2.0 to 3.0

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Its a Tech Tuesday

After being a fan of Flickr for quite a while, and learning of the background of this product, i finally signed up for my own account . Thus, I am ready for the intro , should i be worried?

Another tool of note I enjoy is ITunes, not to be confused with M$FT ‘s Zune . I have not had this experinece with it. Here is one tip that I probably wont try,  as I am more interested in setting up my playlists, as I have plenty of Podcasts on my  player I listen to these but have not had a use for any .Podcast Tools or lessons on how to podcast . Listening to podcasts  via a phone.

Update: Why Microsoft’s Zune music player has little or no chance of denting Apple’s iPod juggernaut [more]

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