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Business Intelliegence Tool  JasperETL – “JasperETL will be available in Open Source and Professional editions, and was developed through a technology partnership with Talend. Led by a team of veteran data integration industry experts, Talend is the first open source software provider for data integration tools.”

ETL is an essential tool that guarantees consistency and fluidity of information in increasingly diverse IT systems. At the center of the decision- making process, ETL allows organizations to move, cleanse, standardize and transform data according to their business needs. JasperETL can be used for both analytic decision support system tasks such as updating data warehouses or marts, as well as for operational solutions such as data consolidation, duplication, synchronization, quality, migration, and change data capture. Performance tests indicate performance up to 50% faster than other leading commercial ETL tools.

JasperETL Open Source edition is available immediately direct from JasperSoft

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It seems the video hosting service that AOL uses has a bunch of tecnology based presentations:

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Happy New Year

Wow, I am glad to see 2007 here.

As always, New Years Day consists of a lot of  football.

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