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GWT Best Of 8/21

A basic GWT menu example

gwt 2.0 preview

GXT and eclipse

authentication example

Mr Bloch at Google

GWT future

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GWT Atchitecture anyone?

This video begins the subject of GWT design choices.  The video touches on a few thing like the :

  • HandlerManager class in GWT 1.6
  • GwtMocking
  • MVP and testing the presenter
  • EventBus

This was found on this post –

Since I am mainly just familiar with MVC , lets get into MVP…

From this  Model-View-Presenter post, it illustrates their are two flavors of the MVP:

a) Dolphin Smalltalk’s MVP –

b) Passive View –

View – widgets, responds to user actions, turns to the presenter to handle these user actions

Presenter – presentation logic, tightly coupled with the view, commands the model,  changes presentation according to the application rules.

Model – business objects , doesn’t know anything about View/Presenter.

“in MVC there is controller for every widget, and every widget on the screen surface is called view. In MVP on the other hand, due to the elimination of the controller, there is no sentiment for a single widget and the screen itself is called view.”

also see : Use MVP , MVP based Component Library, GWT MVP Sample, eventbus and mock tests

Some clarifications for me. Seems Ext – GWT is also known as GXT (found on this page which talks about JSON vs RPC, to spaghtetti code)

Another interesting thing is the post on difference between a   toolkit vs framework


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Google Tech Group

Noticed there is a Google Technology Group  (GTUG) in  the Triangle. Their Twitter feed is

Their You Tube Group


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