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Core Spring via Interface21~SpringSource~VMWare

I am taking the Core Spring Class by VMWARE with Chris Lacy (

I will note some of the key information I see over the four days.

Building software:

Running software

Dependency Injection

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Palm Pre Battery

The Palm Pre , released in summer of 2009, has been my first splash into the smart phone pool.   Up to this point, the device known as the Sprint Krzr was the best thing I had ever put my fingers on, since sliced bread.  Oh, how the world has changed in a year. Ever since I received my Palm Pre, Apple has put out  a new version of its phone that allows you to run multiple applications at the same time, just like the Palm Pre. Moreover, the Android open source operating system rolled out, and appears to be a major player in the smart phone space. Truth be told, I like all the nifty features and applications that my Palm Pre provides. However, the battery is a serious problem.  I can’t go more than breakfast to dinner without charging the phone. Otherwise, you can forget about getting in touch with me. This is beyond annoying when you are out of pocket, and unable to charge your phone. I found the answer this weekend to the problem. The answer is an extended Palm Pre Battery.

Palm Pre Extended Battery You Tube Video

Buy Extended Battery

Seidio Inocell 2600

Alter battery device for touchstone

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