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Rest Explained

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That is the Best description of Rest Ive read! Now I get it – I used to think it was just another competing way of getting information like RPC, SOAP, etc. But I understand from your article that it is a universal way of mapping information

  • Roy Fielding’s name is on the HTTP specification.
  • The HTTP protocol capabilities are not always utilized.
  • http address tells you the location of something anywhere in the world
  • REST is an architectural style. It defines a resource which the web address points to.  Each resource are simply concepts
  • A web page is a representation of a resource. There are many other formats for resources. Therefore, browser can prompt for a certain representation of a concept. Thus, the URL or web address to “the something” can be thought of as a noun.
  • Rest allows you to assign verbs to the nouns in away that makes sense (get,put,delete).

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