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NFJS 2010 Java Agility Event Series

Resarch Triangle Software Symposium
(August 27 – 29, 2010) at Marriot Hotel.

I attended No Fluff Just Stuff 2010. I will cover what I learned in this blog post.

Collections By Ted Neward: The collection API is seperated by the interfaces, implementation, and the algorithims.  Although a Map contains key/value pairs, it is not a collection. This was something Joshua Bloch fought for, and ten years later it still makes sense.  Use of initializing collections to null was a mistake. Its better to initialize it to a zero sized collection value (i.e. new ArrayList()).   Of coure, certain collections are synchronized where others are not. Refer to the book Java Concurrency in Practice which is a good for learning about thread safe issues. Note of Google Collections (now called Guava).Lastly, use for loops for iteration.

OSGI by Craig Walls : Modularity spec for Java is OSGI. Bundle lifecycle is installed, resolved (everything i need), starting, active (running). Everything defaults to private unless you tell it otherwise.  Fragments are partial bundles. You don’t write manifest files yourself. Tools such as Bnd or Bundlor. Apparently OSGI didn’t incorporate JPA (see apache Arries) into it and because of that the springsource community realized that they did not have resources among itslef to take it to new level. As a result, it was taken to a new open source community to get help with it. Eclipse Gemini is the new project. Also, the Spring DM server is now Eclipse Virgo . Other projects include Apache Felix, Paxrunner. See Book Modular Java. See

Groovy On GAE (gaelyk) by Tim Berglund :  The session started with a discussion of the book The Shallows which covers what the interent does to our brains.  This framework is for small quick web applications (page centric). Mention of suitable and non-suitable architectures. Its syntax like coding jsps. Small size war files. Application server in cloud, Data store (big table noSql),  Authentication, caaching (MemCache), XMPP (IM), Email, Task Queue, Image API, URL fetching, OAuth, Blobstore.  github link . Mention of Dr. Laurie Williams and Pair programming.

Html5 by Brian Sletten : Despite what this website says, HTML5  by w3 is here. There is an ie enabling script even as mentioned here. Microsoft will support HTML5 in their browsers in ie9, and in a sense will be aiding in the phase out of the flash technology.  With html5,  the multimedia experience is achieved without the plugin that is neccesary with flash. The recourse for flash is supporting html5. Especially, since Steve Jobs changed the licensing agreement not allowing the Apple software to cross compile for adobe. As this html5 preview shows, the new section and article tags are part of the new standard, and replace the need for div tags to achieve this. html5 has a tool to create outlines of html5 conent. The new visual elements progress meter  (shows measurement within a range), details (dropdown with detailed info), input (such as time,date), canvas coordinate system. edspencer  has a nice site covering html5 topics like Canvas,  web storage api . A chrome html5 demo.  The site html5 tutorial is a nice resource such as its canvas cheat cheat. The Codec Hell situation in which Google tried to move theVP8 codec along.  The audio part of html5. html5 video player demo , and here is an example of html5 video that can be rotated , and more. The geolocation demo. The offline storage demo. Web workers/socket chat. Lastly, quake on html5.  Some other html5 goodies: , page in chrome Silverlight doom ?

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  1. The two sessions I’m sorry I missed are this one on HTML 5 and Neal Ford’s session on REST. I had conflicts for both. Thanks for the writeup!

    Comment by Neill | August 31, 2010 | Reply

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