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The iPhone Developer Program License Agreement clause 331 shuts out adobe from iphone , but Phone Gap “which let developers write JavaScript code that runs in WebKit inside a native iPhone app wrapper” is approved and can continue.

The tutorial(s) for Droids is where I decided where to start learning about Phone Gap .

Using phonegap guide on windows , I got Ruby186 with 0.9.1 phonegap-android , and execute command with git (unix) bash:

 $  c:/ruby186/bin/ruby droidgap c:/appdev/java/android-sdk-windows/ TestGap “c:/www/” “c:/aocapps3”

Other resources:

 a good presentation by Brian LeRoux of Nitobi for Ben & Dion on Phone Gap:

  • native app fragmentation  : “Every Android device had a different screen resolution. Every hardware feature had to be checked, since every Android device had different hardware configurations”
  • dom manipulation for cross  rowser incompatibilities
  • offline storage
  • Phone gap internals for apple’s platform uses the public sdk and objective C .
  • How you get your app to work for multiplatforms.  Mobile web is the solution.  Write once, get everywhere using web.
  • write web apps use phone gap to package applications
  • phone gap abstracts native browser agugment s javascript apis for device sensors data
  • iphone devcamp  aug 2008- instantiate web view call out from javscript api to native object c, only was throw url browser
  • gap://
  • geo, camera, sensor, vibration, sound, video, contacts, compass,anything browser can do
  • phonegap.jss www folder and index.html
  • starting point , can still do native at same time
  • create a browser instance, execute javascript from native code, call out from javascript thru url execute native code
  • androisbind java object right to browser instance become available as javascript objects
  • compatiblity among platforms : mobile spec written in Qunit which is async

Phone Gap tutorial(s) for Iphone:

Phone Gap reccomendation

Cross Platform Titanium and Phone Gap

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