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News of the Media Hub from Sprint

A new system software update for Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G gives this high-end Android OS smartphone support for the Media Hub, a service for renting and buying movies and TV shows that was unveiled just last week.

The new iTunes-like service is getting started with content from NBC Universal, Paramount, and MTV Networks. TV episodes sell for $1.99, movie rentals cost $2.99 to $3.99, while movie sales cost $9.99 to $17.99.

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Google TV you say?

With Apple TV, you can stream from your apple device to your television.  Such as,  Pay-per-view of TV shows (for the networks who are on board), or movies from Netflix.  But, what is Google TV? How do they compare?

This site states what we think it is:

Based on what has been circulating around the net it appears that Google TV has formed a partnership with both Sony as well as NetFlix to offer streaming on demand video in the best quality possible. Movie Downloads will be in 1080 p HD resolution.

In addition, Google TV Boxes will be pre-installed with Google Chrome for web surfing, will have the ability to utilize and run Android applications. Google TV will integrate into your television, computer and cloud platforms rather seamlessly. Web applications like Twitter, Google’s online photo sharing and storage service will also be included.

As Tim says:

Apple TV / Google TV are throwing down the challenge to all Cable providers. The goal is to ditch your cable boxes, and Blu-ray and instead view live streams direct from the internet directly through TV monitors. This will have a significant impact on the cable television as we know it. It’s only a matter of time television will be an old dusty device that our children’s grand-parents still view due in part Web mania is still a fad…

The google tv developers

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