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SAS Proc Summary and Means joined at hip

I have been working with SAS PROC Summary , and now know the PROC Means provides almost the exact same functionality (as the legend goes that two different people were designing  procs that did the same thing) . If you go to documentation for either, it shows the same syntax. The core
difference is that by default PROC MEANS sends the results to an Output Window and that PROC SUMMARY, by default, creates a SAS data set.

Class statement:   class variable(s) </ option(s)>;  

– Specifies the variables whose values define the subgroup combinations for the analysis

Id statement:  Id variable(s); 

includes additional variables in the output data set.

Output statement: OUT=SAS-data-set

  • statistics : The statistical analyses PROC MEANS will generate
  • _FREQ_ is the count of the number of observations available for use
  • _TYPE_  is a numeric flag which indicates the subgroup of the CLASS variables summarized by that observation in the output data set.

Here is an example. Nice presentation here.

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