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Mobile Apps explosion

Clutter phone with apps instead of web pages

What we will do with phone in future going to explode.

Search for apps on our phone since there are so many

Periodically delete apps since cluttering phones

Web much better

One answer is phone gap

With different platforms  have to know different OS and API and languages. a lot to learn, and code  API changing all time.

The web provides a common software to bring different platforms together.

Build on standards (i.e. html5) , deploy app everywhere.

Native development – slow since have to develop for every platform, have to do separate implementation for every device, no portability, high cost, good performance on devices, native functionality

web development  – portability, low cost , no native functionality, device specific browser

Phone Gap – hybrid, web app and native app . Build it on standards and can run on anywhere. consistent api

gwt tool for building web apps

gwt  use java to build in javascript with compile (browser compatibility) , efficient javascript

mobile slow cpu drain battery slow network connections

can use phonegap and gwt together

web app – device, browser, mgwt great looking gui

apache 2.o license

native and javascript  (web)  in phone gap

adobe buys phonegap

donate code to Cordova

phone gap is one distribution of phone gap

adobe will build tools on it

web – native web control html,css – browser

phone gap plugins  (native) – camera plugins, android plugins, ioS

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