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Fluff 2012 August Notes on Next Gen Framework

Framework worth a look Spring Social

@Habuma : “Need to fix it if you don’t  know JS ”

spinejs , spine mobile : based on coffee script

– tool to generate a project

– spine mobile GFX library under covers

web hosting – cloudfoundry , red hat open shift

oauth2 – mention of harsh comments by

zepto a jquery like library for mobile, jquery good beacuse it handles all browser types

Next-Gen “Stack”:

Database : Neo4j with Spring Data
OAuth 2 : Spring Security for OAuth
Client : Spine.js and Spine Mobile
Mobile : PhoneGap/Apache Cordova

Asked him about knockoutjs and said it was great for data binding but you need to pair it with a routing js framework.


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Fluff 2012 August Notes on Advanced Javascript

I just attended the NFJS Raleigh tour stop. This was my third time at this great event and my focus of the sessions was javascript and mobile.

Here begins my notes:

Suggested Book: Seven Languages in Seven weeks by Bruce Tate

Prototypes – IO, LUA, SELF : access to class , define on the fly, manipulate class after you define it.

Functional JS vs OO JS – spring data

Everything in javascript is an object but primitives.  Objects consist of key value pairs + prototype

javascript function is pass by reference not by copy.

Dynamic typed language

hoisting –  Only functions create a new scope.

propertyIsEnumerable : higher within prototype

passing functions to a function desirable for reuse

associative array {name: ‘fred’}

two scopes: global and function level scope

this – scope you are in

null == undefined

parasitic inheritance is like composition

CommonJS – use of require





Testing- Jasmine


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