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iPhone5 w iOS6 launch

Wow factor? 4 ” screen, 4G LTE, new chargers needed, sleeker, no wireless charging, no NFC Wallet, A6. Sold 20x faster

Meanwhile, that new dock connector was so thoroughly leaked that it’s unlikely to put the wind up the burgeoning “appcessories” industry (yes, a word used seriously by real companies).

The Dev Center

Very lightweight, more usable real estate, can operate with one hand, panoramic effect on side vertical view, fits in pocket

sweet spot on market with one device, upgraded components , a6, re-engineering camera, smaller camera, LTE,

Apple chose no NFC for now or step fwd on mobile payment system – punted for now. New passbook

iOS6 – developer pure performance, console quality graphics, google kicked out of platform, Map stuff is apple and google data is gone when upgraded, apple video instead of youtube.

iphone launch

Apple is not and will not change things just for the sake of change. And while some may now be clamoring for this change, the paradox is that if Apple did make some big changes, many of the same people would bitch and moan about them


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