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In web.xml with Spring MVC (Convenient ApplicationContext instantiation for web applications):

ContextLoader called  by ContextLoaderListener

[ref] : “ContextLoaderListener creates a root web-application-context for the web-application and puts it in the ServletContext. This context can be used to load and unload the spring-managed beans ir-respective of what technology is being used in the controller layer(Struts or Spring MVC) ”

  • org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet

[ref] : “DispatcherServlet creates its own WebApplicationContext and the handlers/controllers/view-resolvers are managed by this contextContextLoader”

“When ContextLoaderListener is used in tandem with DispatcherServlet, a root web-application-context is created first as said earlier and a child-context is also created by DispatcherSerlvet and is attached to the root application-context.”


[ref] Spring’s DelegatingFilterProxy provides the link between web.xml and the application context. .. “it finds a bean (“target bean” or “delegate”) in your Spring application context, an invoke it. How is it possible? Because this bean implements javax.servlet.Filter, its doFilter method is called.”


[link ] :  The feature I’m talking about is the ability to reload (and detect changes in) i18n property files on-the-fly.


This interface that maps handlers based on HTTP paths expressed through the RequestMapping annotation at the type or method level.


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