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First Steps into ioS

I had never done any programming in native mobile development with the ioS operating system prior to now. The way i found the Xcode on the iMac was searching the files on computer until i found out about cmd-space and entered xcode in the search box. There was a pdf on the computer named about Xcode 4.2

“Xcode is the complete developer toolset for creating applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad”

In Xcode, you would start by doing File -> new project  and then single view application and click next where you enter a product name, a company identifier,  device such as iphone or ipad (dont click storyboarding, but click automatic reference counting), and then indicate where project goes and then you will click create.

After XCode loads the new project, you can click run to launch the simulator (or cmd-r).

You will see files AppDelegate.h AppDelegate.m ViewController.h ViewController.m ViewController.xib

Click on the sidebar the AppDelegate.h then on right at top click the tuxedu icon which will display now the AppDelegate.m beside the other file.

@interface AppDelegate : UIResponder <UIApplicationDelegate>

In the editor, if you click the command button the identifiers become URLs

On right side,

[ standard ] [ assistant] [ version ]            [Navigator] [Debug] [Utilities]                                  [open]
editor                                                                 view                                                         organizer

Utilities: toggle panel on right side, Debug : toggle panel on bottom, Navigator: toggle panel on left

bottom utilities:

  • file template library
  • code snippet library
  • Objects
  • Media library

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