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The iPhone Developer Program License Agreement clause 331 shuts out adobe from iphone , but Phone Gap “which let developers write JavaScript code that runs in WebKit inside a native iPhone app wrapper” is approved and can continue.

The tutorial(s) for Droids is where I decided where to start learning about Phone Gap .

Using phonegap guide on windows , I got Ruby186 with 0.9.1 phonegap-android , and execute command with git (unix) bash:

 $  c:/ruby186/bin/ruby droidgap c:/appdev/java/android-sdk-windows/ TestGap “c:/www/” “c:/aocapps3”

Other resources:

 a good presentation by Brian LeRoux of Nitobi for Ben & Dion on Phone Gap:

  • native app fragmentation  : “Every Android device had a different screen resolution. Every hardware feature had to be checked, since every Android device had different hardware configurations”
  • dom manipulation for cross  rowser incompatibilities
  • offline storage
  • Phone gap internals for apple’s platform uses the public sdk and objective C .
  • How you get your app to work for multiplatforms.  Mobile web is the solution.  Write once, get everywhere using web.
  • write web apps use phone gap to package applications
  • phone gap abstracts native browser agugment s javascript apis for device sensors data
  • iphone devcamp  aug 2008- instantiate web view call out from javscript api to native object c, only was throw url browser
  • gap://
  • geo, camera, sensor, vibration, sound, video, contacts, compass,anything browser can do
  • phonegap.jss www folder and index.html
  • starting point , can still do native at same time
  • create a browser instance, execute javascript from native code, call out from javascript thru url execute native code
  • androisbind java object right to browser instance become available as javascript objects
  • compatiblity among platforms : mobile spec written in Qunit which is async

Phone Gap tutorial(s) for Iphone:

Phone Gap reccomendation

Cross Platform Titanium and Phone Gap

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Battle Android

In the news lately is the lawsuit of Oracle vs Google over the JVM with the Android platform. I recently jumped on the Droid bandwagon with the purchase of Ed Burnette’s book Hello Android which was updated for Android 2.2. Also, this week I attended the @tridroid meeting here in the area.

In the Burnette book, his first chapter is dedicated to getting started with the sdk and the eclipse plugin ( and the emulator. Much like this blog post and the android developer Hello World.

[wiki] [forum]

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Palm Pre Battery

The Palm Pre , released in summer of 2009, has been my first splash into the smart phone pool.   Up to this point, the device known as the Sprint Krzr was the best thing I had ever put my fingers on, since sliced bread.  Oh, how the world has changed in a year. Ever since I received my Palm Pre, Apple has put out  a new version of its phone that allows you to run multiple applications at the same time, just like the Palm Pre. Moreover, the Android open source operating system rolled out, and appears to be a major player in the smart phone space. Truth be told, I like all the nifty features and applications that my Palm Pre provides. However, the battery is a serious problem.  I can’t go more than breakfast to dinner without charging the phone. Otherwise, you can forget about getting in touch with me. This is beyond annoying when you are out of pocket, and unable to charge your phone. I found the answer this weekend to the problem. The answer is an extended Palm Pre Battery.

Palm Pre Extended Battery You Tube Video

Buy Extended Battery

Seidio Inocell 2600

Alter battery device for touchstone

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news item

link : "Motricity, a
leading global provider of mobile marketplace management solutions, has
acquired GoldPocket Wireless, a leader in mobile interactivity and
marketing solutions for media and entertainment companies. The
acquisition gives Motricity an unmatched customer footprint and
positions the company as the most complete supplier of on-deck and
off-deck solutions for mobile operators and media and entertainment

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A Protocol

WAP  [wiki]


Comparison to SMS

WAP School is in session.

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