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Java Reporting – The world’s most powerful and widely used embeddable Java reporting library for report designers and developers. [getting started]

prompt> cd \program files
prompt> cd jasperreports-<ver>\demo\samples
prompt> dir
prompt> cd barbecue
prompt> ant –p
prompt> ant  javac
– Compiles the java source files of the test application
prompt> ant compile
– Compiles the XML report design and produces the .jasper file
prompt> ant fill
– Fills the compiled report design with data and produces the .jrprint file.
prompt> ant viewDesign – iReport gives administrators and report designers total control over the contents as well as the look and feel of every report

Jasper reports includes some nice samples and tutorials:

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Exception Scenarios

Its been a while since I chimed in on the topic of Exceptions:

Checked : (java.lang.Exception). This type of exception represents useful information about the operation of a legally specified request that the caller may have had no control over and that the caller needs to be informed about. With checked exceptions, Java language forces us to document all the anticipated ways in which control might exit a method:

Unchecked : (java.lang.RuntimeException). These are exceptions that occur as a result of programming errors that the program could not be expected to catch.

Now, it is time to talk about the Exception Handling capabilities with DAOs in the Spring Framework


SQL Exception Translatorsql exception can be translated to a DataAccessException using the translate method

ex1, ex2, ex3 , ex4

The method HibernateDaoSupport :: convertHibernateAccessException – convert the given HibernateException to an appropriate exception from the org.springframework.dao hierarchy.

SessionFactoryUtils : 
public static DataAccessException convertHibernateAccessException(HibernateException ex) {
		if (ex instanceof JDBCConnectionException) {
			return new DataAccessResourceFailureException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
		if (ex instanceof SQLGrammarException) {
			return new InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
		if (ex instanceof DataException) {
			return new InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
		if (ex instanceof LockAcquisitionException) {
			return new CannotAcquireLockException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
		if (ex instanceof ConstraintViolationException) {
			return new DataIntegrityViolationException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
		if (ex instanceof JDBCException) {
			return new HibernateJdbcException((JDBCException) ex);
		if (ex instanceof PropertyValueException) {
			return new DataIntegrityViolationException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
		if (ex instanceof PersistentObjectException) {
			return new InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
		if (ex instanceof TransientObjectException) {
			return new InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
		if (ex instanceof ObjectDeletedException) {
			return new InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
		if (ex instanceof QueryException) {
			return new HibernateQueryException((QueryException) ex);
		if (ex instanceof UnresolvableObjectException) {
			return new HibernateObjectRetrievalFailureException((UnresolvableObjectException) ex);
		if (ex instanceof WrongClassException) {
			return new HibernateObjectRetrievalFailureException((WrongClassException) ex);
		if (ex instanceof NonUniqueResultException) {
			return new IncorrectResultSizeDataAccessException(ex.getMessage(), 1);
		if (ex instanceof StaleObjectStateException) {
			return new HibernateOptimisticLockingFailureException((StaleObjectStateException) ex);
		if (ex instanceof StaleStateException) {
			return new HibernateOptimisticLockingFailureException((StaleStateException) ex);

		// fallback
		return new HibernateSystemException(ex);

Hibernate Template

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web 2.0 conference

In Raleigh, I got a chance to attend IBM’s technical briefing on web 2.0 .

For now, will just list various bits of info that I will organize later.

QEDWiki (Quick and easy design) . Assembly : “QEDWiki is a unique Wiki framework in that it provides both Web users and developers with a single Web application framework for hosting and developing a broad range of Web 2.0 applications.”

Damia . Feeds: “provides easy-to-use tools that developers and IT users alike can use to quickly assemble data feeds from the Internet and a variety of enterprise data sources. The benefits of this service include the ability to aggregate and transform a wide variety of data or content feeds, which can be used in enterprise mashups.”

Mashup Hub. Tag : “Mashup Hub provides two broad areas of support: feed generation for enterprise data sources and a catalog of feeds and user interface (UI) widgets.”

Info 2.0

Many eyes

Baby name wizard

second life

strike iron

gold corp



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Jasper Soft Open Source News

Business Intelliegence Tool  JasperETL – “JasperETL will be available in Open Source and Professional editions, and was developed through a technology partnership with Talend. Led by a team of veteran data integration industry experts, Talend is the first open source software provider for data integration tools.”

ETL is an essential tool that guarantees consistency and fluidity of information in increasingly diverse IT systems. At the center of the decision- making process, ETL allows organizations to move, cleanse, standardize and transform data according to their business needs. JasperETL can be used for both analytic decision support system tasks such as updating data warehouses or marts, as well as for operational solutions such as data consolidation, duplication, synchronization, quality, migration, and change data capture. Performance tests indicate performance up to 50% faster than other leading commercial ETL tools.

JasperETL Open Source edition is available immediately direct from JasperSoft

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google code search

in google i put: /cvs dwr

which gave me this url from dwr »

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IBM is shown the money using an open source model.

More stories

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apache derby

Derby Web Site : I downloaded this version.

Extract it and go into the \demo\simple\ directory, find example.html

Download the db2jcc driver for derby from ibm

Add to classpath:


run sample in the embedded envir: java -cp embedded SimpleApp.class

start server in server envir: java org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl start

run sample in server envir: java SimpleApp jccjdbcclient

Derby manual  page, on left hand side click your version (i.e. 10.1) .

Tutorial paper

DeveloperWorks Derby page, IBM infocenter

There are two separate Eclipse plugins for Derby: derby_core_plugin , derby_ui_plugin
After extracting the plugins to the eclipse plugins folder:
– From the main Eclipse menu at the top select Help >> Help Contents >> Derby Plug-ins User Guide
– you add a derby nature to your project, and following the getting started with the plugin   

Derby with Tomcat article, with J2EE, DeveloperWorks Derby Tutorial


run sysinfo.bat


ij> connect ‘jdbc:derby:derbyDB’ user ‘user1’ password ‘user1’;

ij> show connections;

ij> select * from sys.systables;

Derby future possibilities

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Eclipse donation

Link: developerWorks : Blogs : Bob Sutor.

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Link: Swik: “The free and open database of Open Source projects that anyone can edit”

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ebay to open code vault

eBay is giving the members of its developer programs access to the source code for various eBay and PayPal tools and sample applications

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Jakarta Commons

The current application I am working on makes use of the Jakarta Commons. This includes things like Bean  Utilities , and Digester :

  • org.apache.commons.beanutils.BeanUtils
  • org.apache.commons.digester.Digester

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J2SE : Harmony

The Apache Harmony project sets out to create an open-source version of J2SE under the Apache license. Read all about it here  . Mr Gosling seems against it and open source all together.

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TriJug Meeting with Gavin King

I attended the TriJug meeting with Gavin King of JBoss.  Gavin is one of the founders of the Hibernate (Object/Relational Technology). He is also co-author of the book Hibernate in Action which covers version 2.0. 

Just a few notes from the meeting:

Hibernate 3 is the recent version. Supports annotation to document O/R mapping, allthough you can still use XML to indicate this.

There was a question from audience asking about a situation where they had their database in production in one schema, and the same database for design in another schema. Gavin was like I don’t see why you would want to do that.

He indicated that hibernate would still be a good fit for applications that did alot of joins, but as always you are limited by the speed of the database.

I asked him if Hibernate would be enhanced to support JDO. He indicated NO. He basically said that they are against the JDO spec. That was the main thing I wanted to get answered at this meeting as JDO and Hibernate seem similar. But, Hibernate is strictly a O/R implementation where as the JDO implemntations follow Sun’s specification.

As far as JBoss, Mark Fleury has had a busy week, and he talks about Gluecode here.  His point in the blog entry about Open Source model being validated now that IBM has bought this technology is true. But, this was already the case as IBM’s Portal product is built ontop of the Jetspeed  open source product. 

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When I heard about the GlueCode purchase by IBM yesterday I did not think about the ramifications to other Open Source Application Servers. With IBM adding to their portfolio of Enterprise solutions, this does put more pressure on other lower end application servers.

I wonder what this means to Tomcat in particular. Stay tuned…

Nice writeup on this by Bobby.

Reaction from JBOSS

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Open Source for Win2k

AbiWord is an award winning small, fast, featureful and crossplatform word processor.

Vim is an advanced text editor that seeks to provide the power of the de-facto Unix editor ‘Vi’, with a more complete feature set.

Fabforce’s DBDesigner is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment.


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