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Happy New Year

Wow, I am glad to see 2007 here.

As always, New Years Day consists of a lot of  football.

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Football Weekend

MITCH ALBOM on Bo: A true Blue legend

Should Mike Shula be shown the door? or what about Chuck?

The Miami Dolphins Phinsider is here.

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MoneyBall Writer on Parcells

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Buckner wore Cubs Glove ’86

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Corey Lidle Loss

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NFL week 1

In Reggie Bush’s first game:
58 yards of revieving, 61 yards rushing
Kellen Winslow playing in first game since injury
1TD, 63 yards receiving
Saints and Falcons lead NFC South as Bucs and Panthers begin season in loss column.
It seemed that Bucs OL being banged up resulted in Simms bad play with 3 picks.
Caddilac Williams had only 22 yards eof rushing mainly due to Ravens strong D.
McNair had a decent first game and seemed like he will has found a favorite target in Mason.
The Panthers just could not solve Vick and Dunn combination. Panthers lacked big play
they usually can count on in Steve Smith. Laverneus Coles hooked up with passes from Pennington quite well today

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Just noticed this weblog yesterday on the TarHeels .  They are calling themseleves THT, but I tend to prefer this THT – The Hardball Times

article on Spring with Struts

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Foorball Picks

Chicago @ Washington -Redskins
Cincinnati @ Cleveland – Bengals
Denver @ Miami – Broncos
Houston @ Buffalo – Texans
New Orleans @ Carolina – Panthers
NY Jets @ Kansas City – Jets
Seattle @ Jacksonville – Seahawks
Tampa Bay @ Minnesota – Tampa Bay
Tennessee @ Pittsburgh – Steelers
Arizona @ NY Giants – Arizona
Dallas @ San Diego – Dallas
Green Bay @ Detroit – Packers
St. Louis @ San Francisco – Rams
Indianapolis @ Baltimore – Colts
Philadelphia @ Falcons – Falcons

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Triangle Sports Radio

After years of the Buzz, now Triangle’s 1090 AM now has a solid new sports radio station. You know what competition does, it makes the products better. Stay tuned..

The station’s 3-7 show features Billy Packer’s son Mark Packer, who is known as the Packman.

For those who enjoy triangle sports, also check out Dave Sez. or my retired ncaa web site.

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